Teaching for me goes beyond the outer work that is projected, hence my motto "The Feeling Between The Steps."

Facilitating and encouraging the student who is open minded. Usually the student is reaching out to integrate new ideas and patterns into their everyday lives.  There is a sense of accomplishment I feel to be privileged to take a part in this inner work.  Many of my students include individuals, couples, or groups who are afraid of movement, feel awkward, lack confidence, feel bored, need social interaction, want introduction into a cultural circle, need motivation, and or want that extra technical advantage.
Regardless of every circumstance one constant is for sure, my dedication and passion for what I do.

The success of the relationship is  based on the manner of how I strive to impart and communicate what the student may think he or she does or doesn't need.   The timing should be fit for both.

As the student selects the teacher, so does the teacher select the student.
Thank you to all of my students, past, present, and future

You all inspire me in my passion and work